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Day 10

Day 10

January 25th, 2013
Knowing we are His children and accepted in the Beloved is such a critical foundation, as I don’t need to tell you that Satan will come against us and accuse us of wrong doing, of faults, mistakes, any offense we may have caused, bringing guilt to us for not doing enough, of being a bad person and Christian, etc. The devil will say:
• You’re a Christian and you said that!
• You did that a nd you say you love God!
• You sinned again! The same sin as before. You are a weak, no good, Christian!
• You only read the Bible one time today. Brother and Sister Perfect read it every day, and for 10 hours each day!
…and on and on and on.

The devil will accuse us and use God’s own words against us, just as he did with Eve (Genesis 3) and with Jesus (Luke 4). Always twisting and perverting the truth. If we allow these accusations in and start to believe them, we may stay away from our Abba/Daddy and Father because we allow guilt and our own condemnation in and to overtake us thinking: we are not worthy; how can He bless me; how can I go to Him, I’m such a failure; I should have known better.
Not only that, but we may back away from the “fight” and not use our right and authority to resist the devil, because of feeling condemned, powerless to fight, and feeling far away from our loving Father. However, being firmly established in a Good God, and that we are His children, accepted and loved ALWAYS in Him, then Beloved, we will not do that! We can and will stand and fight the good fight of faith (good because we win) in our Jesus. We can and will stand in His finished work, knowing that…

• “…you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8). By the Holy Spirit Himself, in us, we cry out Abba/Daddy, Father!

• “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God…” (Romans 8). The Holy Spirit Himself, in us, gives us the unshakeable evidence we ARE children of God, and so we have to be, for He is our Abba/Daddy, and Father!

• “…to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.” (Ephesians 1). In Jesus we are accepted by God, our Abba/Daddy!

So say it again today! As HE is so AM I in this world!

In Jesus I am healthy, wealthy, and strong,
Because He righted everything wrong.
In Jesus I win, because His blood took my sin,
So in this world, and forever, I am always with Him!

Don’t just sit there, SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY!

©Rev. Michael Morimando 2012
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